This intermediate self-study course will build upon the foundation provided by the Functional Anatomy Specialist Level 1 program. The information provided in this course is the practical application of functional anatomy compared to the theoretical application of the Functional Anatomy Specialist Level 1.


There are 4 units in the Functional Anatomy Specialist: Level 2 Program.

  • Online Length Testing
  • Online Functional Range of Motion
  • Online Strength Testing
  • Online Kinesiology Taping

CEUS: 2 Black Belt points, 16 Canfit CECs, 3.5 CPTN CECs

There is an online Final Exam for this course.  A passing grade of 80% is required for successful completion of each unit.  The exams are open-book, and you have two attempts to pass.  A $99+TAX re-examination fee is applicable should a passing grade not be achieved after two attempts.

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Strength Testing


Proprioceptive Taping